I’m a geek, entrepreneur, father, husband, Rotarian, and serial do-gooder.

At work I design brand strategies for Reputation X that help companies and people look better online – commonly known as reputation management. I manage a team of Project Managers, SEO’s, translators, and marketers.

My team and I use a combination of creative problem solving, search engine marketing, public relations, negotiation, social media strategy, and content management to achieve success. I’ve been designing reputation management strategies for over ten years for branding for individuals and for companies large and small, Fortune 500 executives, governments, and celebrities.

I have been a member of Rotary for over a decade. I’ve had the opportunity to immunize children from polio in the jungles of Nigeria, opened diabetes clinics in Cameroon, helped bring water to remote villages in the Philippines to enable girls to go to school instead of carry water, and have been involved in sanitation, food, and entrepreneurship projects in Peru and elsewhere. 

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my wife and two children.


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Kent Campbell

Kent Campbell is the chief strategist for Reputation X, an award-winning reputation management agency based in California. Kent has over 15 years of experience with SEO reputation management, Wikipedia editing, review management, and strategy. Kent has helped celebrities, leaders, executives, and marketing professionals improve the way they are seen online. Kent writes about reputation, SEO, Wikipedia, and PR-related topics, and is an expert witness for reputation-related legal matters.


Kent can be found in Mill Valley, California.